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Friends Group

For all of you who love the library and want to help us improve it! Well, you are in the right place! In this amazing folder you will find information about how to join, meetings, goals, any everything else I can think to post here!
  • How to sign up...

    Wondering how you too can join this group of super heros.... I mean, um... volunteers? Well, read on!

  • Friends of the Library form

    This is the printable form (or you can always come into the library and we have them) to join the Friends of the Library group! If you can't print it easily, copy the text and paste it into a Word document and print from there.

  • Suggested goals

    Since your Friends of the Library Group hasn't met yet, here are some of the goals I came up with and would love to suggest! Please don't think these have to be done right away! We will work toward these things, have some fun, and learn a lot on the way!

  • List of Volunteer Tasks

    Would you like to volunteer but don't want to be part of the Friends group? Just want to come in once in a while and help out? Do we ever need you! Click here for a list of things we need help with.