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List of Volunteer Tasks

Would you like to volunteer but don't want to be part of the Friends group? Just want to come in once in a while and help out? Do we ever need you! Click here for a list of things we need help with.

We encourage all ages to volunteer at the library.  However, if your child would like to volunteer but needs supervision, we request that you remain at the library while he or she volunteers. Thank you!

Volunteer tasks around the library: 

- Shelf reading (making sure all the books are in order and where they are supposed to be) This is especially helpful after summer reading with children's books.

- Seasonal displays (every month we like to change out what's on top of our bookcases and would love to have another creative eye and hand here)

- Book sale room clean up (check out our entry way, do any of those books look too old, damaged, etc then help us get rid of them to make room for new books)

- Teach a class or give a talk (are you passionate about something? do you love to show people how to do things, make things, fix thing? or have a subject you think everyone should know about? Talk to us about teaching a class!)

- Planting and weeding (in the spring we will have more planting around the library to keep our wonderful flower beds looking colorful all year round! and all summer long we will have weeding to keep everything looking wonderful!)