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Hopkins District Library

January 13 Minutes

January 13th  Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting

January 13, 2015

Call to Order – Suzanne Antvelink, President

Roll Call Present:  Suzanne Antvelink, Tom Bailey, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Mimi Gabriel, Barb Wrobleki

Absent:  Chris Navis

Addition to Agenda:  Tom requested that we look into providing reading cursive lessons to students.  It was suggested that a “Kids Mentoring Kids” program could work with the younger students.  Also, contacting high school English teachers for their students going into Education that would be interested in being tutors.

Approval of Agenda - Suzanne moved, Lynn seconded

Approval of Minutes – Lynn moved, Suzanne seconded

Treasurers Report – approved with the amendment of the December 2014 budget.  Motion by Suzanne and seconded by Mimi. 

Correspondence – none

Public Comment – none

Director’s Report as follows:

Programs:  Ongoing:  Sticks & Strings, book club.  Upcoming:  See newsletter

Publicity: Up to 489 likes on Facebook, planning additional advertising on Facebook, Allegan County Community Foundation quarterly news is out, advertisement is still up at the Regent Theater, work on January-March newsletter.

Meetings, workshops, etc: Advisory and board meeting for LLC, ALA conference in Jan/Feb.

Building Issues:  Pricing new outside doors.

Lakeland, State and other library news:  Books on CD lending is up and running.

Patron comments and suggestions:  donations for the library and for the library cat, continued book suggestions, dvd suggestions and programming suggestions.

Other: none

Old Business:  none

New Business

Director evaluation was well received and the only issue is that we need to work on the LRP.

Small community herb garden looking to be established around our library. 

Summer Secret Project being planned.

Possible craft sale during the Hopkins May sales day.

Ancestry software is not being used as we had hoped.  We will try promoting it further but if it isn’t used possibly have it at the Dorr Library.

Michigan Library card is a new offering.  Any book check out at a participating library must be returned to the library that lending it out.  Our cost would be to purchase stickers to be put on our library cards.  Suzanne made a motion to participate in this program and Mimi seconded the motion.  All ayes.

Public Comment:  none

Adjournment:  8:18 pm

Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7:00 pm