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Hopkins District Library

July 14th Minutes


August 11, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Natalie Bazan, Director at 7:05 PM.

Roll Call Present: Tom Bailey, Natalie Bazan, Mimi Gabriel, Chris Navis and Barb Wrobleski.

Absent: Suzanne Antvelink, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Traci Rhoades.

Approval of Agenda: Two amendments were made to the agenda for discussion – free books offered at the East Lake Campstore and the planning for a Christmas Parade/Activities. Tom made a motion seconded by Barb for the approval of the amended agenda.

Approval of Minutes: Chris made the motion for approval of the minutes, seconded by Barb.

Treasurers Report: Tom made the motion for approval of the budget and seconded by Chris.

Correspondence: None

Public Comment: None

Director's Report:

Programs Ongoing: Book club. Upcoming: See newsletter. Summer Reading is done. The welding class is planned. Fall planning is done.

Publicity: Up to 541 likes on Facebook, planning additional advertising on Facebook, Allegan County Community Foundation quarterly news is out, advert. is still up at the Regent Theater, August-October newsletter.

Meetings, workshops, etc: Advisory and Board Meeting for LLC.

Building Issues: None

Budget Issues: None

Library Closings: Was closed for a week due to a power surge which took out the modem and firewall and the printer. They were down for two weeks. Will be closed on Saturday and Monday over Labor Day.

Volunteers: Two Michigan Works teen employees working at the library. One of them worked well and the other not.

Lakeland, State other library news: New website (delayed till Aug 14)

Patron comments and suggestions: donations for the library and for the library cat, continued book suggestions, dvd suggestions and programming suggestions.

Other: Keep Your Arts Alive competition through beginning of September, Bench/Firepit and plaque ordered from Perrigo Foundation (pots coming soon), Holiday book giveaway

planning in progress for December to the parochial schools – St. Stans, St. Marys and Moline Christian.

Old Business - Mobil Library – A “Tiny House” was advertised on Craig's List for $15,000 and volunteers are going to South Haven to look at it on Saturday, August 15th. Discussion was held about writing a DeLano Grant to pay for it.

New Business - Soaker hoses – Natalie will look into the cost.

Technology - The library experienced a power surge (related to the installation of a new pole nearby) that blew the modem, firewall and printer. It was down for 2 weeks. Will cost $1,200 - $1,500 to fix.

Natalie proposed that Education & Training certification training is available to her. She would be a Certified Public Library Administrator. The cost is $2,845 which would be split between Dorr & Hopkins over four years. Motion made and seconded for approval.

East Lake Camp Store – Mimi suggested that we provide free books to kids that camp at East Lake. We could provide book shelves with the free books. Natalie will talk to owners, Katherine & Greg Miller.

Christmas Event – Tom reported that planning is in the works for a Christmas Event in Hopkins on a weekend in December which would feature a tree lighting, Santa parade, wagon rides, hot chocolate and much, much more!

Public Comment – none

Adjournment – Tom made a motion and seconded by Mimi to adjourn.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 8, 2015.