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Welcome to the Hopkins District Library

A small but exciting library located in the heart of the Village of Hopkins, we provide a number of services to our patrons. Come in and see our new books, audio/visual content... and don't forget we have free internet for your computer or ours.

Director of Hopkins District and Dorr Township Libraries. Applications accepted until April 7th at 5pm. Please submit your cover letter, resume, and references to dorrhopsearch@gmail.com

Exciting opportunity for an exceptional person! We are excited to begin our search for ... you!  But first a little bit about us. The Dorr Township Library and the Hopkins District Library are separate libraries seeking a director together. Together we serve a diverse population of about 12,000 patrons in a rural to semi-urban area in picturesque northern Allegan County.  The libraries have 9 part and full time employees in addition to their energetic director. We work to promote a culture of learning and excel at unique offerings to our communities. For example our programs have ranged from reading clubs combined with a craft to welding in the parking lot and we offer our patrons loanable Makerspace kits, binge boxes and much more on a combined budget of about $250,000. Both libraries are also actively working with our communities on various betterment projects.  

Now here's a little bit of what we are looking for from you. We seek a director who either has a Masters in Library Science or is nearly finished with one. Experience in public libraries is a plus but experience with giving great customer service is a must (think Disney).  Creativity and problem solving is very important for us since budgets are tight and we aim to offer as much as we can for as little as possible. Please remember that these are rural areas, cows are plentiful, the smell in spring can be eye opening and you might be stuck in a tractor induced traffic jam on your way to or from work.  Now for the attribute list: 


-Masters in Library Science or nearly completed

- Grant writing experience 

- Computer skills 

- Ability and desire to teach classes 

- Great communication skills (written and verbal)

- Experience creating and maintaining a budget and preparing for and working with auditors

- Skilled with: Excel, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Facebook

- Basic website maintenance


 - 3-5 years library experience 

- Knowledge of millage campaigns

- Fundraising experience 

Check out our new databases!  All you need is your Dorr or Hopkins library card and you can learn about the whole world right from your home!
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We are working hard to keep the winter blues away!  Check out our new Makerspace kits, classes, events, and don't forget that you can sign up for Dorr's events as well (its not that far away). 
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Search for your relatives on Ancestry.com at the Hopkins District Library.  To celebrate 50 years as a public library here in the Village of Hopkins, we want to celebrate history!  We are starting off with a bang!  Come to our May 31st Fifty Years of Literacy party at the library and learn more about our year of connecting to the past!
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