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Welcome to the Hopkins District Library

A small but exciting library located in the heart of the Village of Hopkins, we provide a number of services to our patrons. Come in and see our new books, audio/visual content... and don't forget we have free internet for your computer or ours.
Our regular meeting scheduled for March 14th will begin at 6:30pm and be followed by a presentation on Library Board responsibilities and expectations.

Teen Librarian - Applications due by March 9th. Please send cover letter and resume to hopkinslibrary@hotmail.com 

  • Duties: Aids Library director in planning and conducting a library program to meet the community needs. Is responsible for the library program in the absence of the Library Director. Is responsible for creating and maintaining a teen advisory board with a representative that will attend library board meetings.  Will be the library’s outreach coordinator for all middle and high school outreach, events and other programming with assistance as needed.  Suggests and promotes teen materials in the library including but not limited to books, magazines, dvd’s, databases, makerspace kits, games, etc. Coordinates teen volunteers around the library, creates lists of assignments, and keeps records of volunteer hours. Stays current in trends in teen librarianship.  Assists with locating and writing grant applications for additional funding. Assists library clerk in duties.

  • Specific Functions: Selects and orders teen library materials. Catalogs, classifies and prepares materials for teen/children’s section. Assists in the preparation of a budget for teen materials and programming. Keeps collection current and in good condition by weeding, binding or replacement. Conducts Teen Reading Club and special programs. Orients teen groups in use of the Library. Offers reading and reference service. Coordinates library service with schools and teen groups. Consults Library Director regarding purchases and programs prior to institution. Keeps library materials in proper order and other duties as assigned by the Library Director.

  • Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: A broad understanding of library services. General knowledge of library methods. Communicates effectively with staff and the public. Current certification according to minimum standards for Systems and Public Libraries and authorized by State of Michigan. Specific education and knowledge of teen/children’s needs. Demonstrate enthusiasm in continuing education.

  • Regarding Job Duties: These job duties will be assigned to the Teen Librarian if she/he has the qualifications necessary to perform them in a knowledgeable manner. The Teen Librarian will be expected to perform all, or a portion of, the job duties listed depending upon his/her level of ability.

  • 15-17 hours a week

  • Regularly scheduled holidays are paid.

  • Pay dependent on experience
Check out our new databases!  All you need is your Dorr or Hopkins library card and you can learn about the whole world right from your home!
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We are working hard to keep the winter blues away!  Check out our new Makerspace kits, classes, events, and don't forget that you can sign up for Dorr's events as well (its not that far away). 
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Search for your relatives on Ancestry.com at the Hopkins District Library.  To celebrate 50 years as a public library here in the Village of Hopkins, we want to celebrate history!  We are starting off with a bang!  Come to our May 31st Fifty Years of Literacy party at the library and learn more about our year of connecting to the past!
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