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Hopkins District Library

March 7th Minutes

Miss the last meeting and still want to know what is going on? Well, click here and see what we talked about and what we are planning for the coming months! There are some long and short term goals here!

Friends of the Library Group meeting

March 7th, 7pm


-          Introductions- 4 members (Carolyn Nash, Sheryl Whipple, Mary Herrema, and Cheryl Selby) were in attendance as well as Natalie Bazan the director of the library.  

-          Election of:

o   President: (2 year term): Carolyn Nash

o   Vice President: (1 year term): Sheryl Whipple

o   Secretary: (1 year term): Margo Fredricks

o   Treasurer: (2 year term): Mary Herrema

o   2 member: (1 year term)             n/a                            (2 year term)_________n/a_____________

-          Bylaws and Constitution – discussion, members took copies home to review for vote at the next meeting (if you woud like a copy, come to the library prior to the next meeting and request one from the circulation desk)

-          Call to Order

-          Reading of minutes of previous meeting - N/A

-          Treasurer’s monthly report - N/A, however dues and donations total about $137.50.  An account will be set up at the local United Bank before the next meeting.

-          Reports from remaining officers & committee chairpersons - N/A

-          Old business - N/A

-          New business - Meeting dates were set at the 1st Monday of every other month (unless there are events or other issues that require more frequent meeting) at 7pm. 

o   Fund raising efforts

§  Cookbook - approved as a viable fund raising source done jointly with the library

§  Book sale - will be during the Mother's Day sales in the Village and possibly during the 4th of July celebration

§  4th of July - washable marker face painting, temp. tatoos, badges, bean bag games, balloons - no event decided yet, decisions will be made at a later meeting

§  Ideas??  - see above

o   Volunteers needed for:

§  Millage campaign - meeting on March 13th at 6pm at the Village Hall to learn more about millage campaigns

§  Cookbook - cookbook bookmarks will be given to anyone who might have a recipe that they are willing to donate

§  Book Sale -

§  4th of July -

-          Presentation of slate, additional nominations and election of officers - N/A

-          Announcements -

o   What we are up to! - see events listing printed at the library, on the calendar on the website or announced on Facebook

o   What we are planning! - summary of events planned for the Summer Reading program

o   What we might need help with! -

-          Adjournment at 8pm