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Hopkins District Library

March 7th Agenda

Friends of the Library Group meeting

March 7th, 7pm


-          Introductions

-          Election of:

o   President: (2 year term)_____________________________

o   Vice President: (1 year term)__________________________

o   Secretary: (1 year term)_______________________________

o   Treasurer: (2 year term)________________________________

o   2 member: (1 year term)                                         (2 year term)______________________

-          Bylaws and Constitution – discussion and vote

-          Call to Order

-          Reading of minutes of previous meeting

-          Treasurer’s monthly report

-          Reports from remaining officers & committee chairpersons

-          Old business

-          New business

o   Fund raising efforts

§  Cookbook

§  Book sale

§  4th of July

§  Ideas??  

o   Volunteers needed for:

§  Millage campaign

§  Cookbook

§  Book Sale

§  4th of July

-          Presentation of slate, additional nominations and election of officers

-          Announcements

o   What we are up to!

o   What we are planning!

o   What we might need help with!

-          Adjournment