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Hopkins District Library

January Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

January 14 at 7:00pm 

Call to Order - Coon called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm.

Roll Call - Present -  Morgan Coon, Barb Worbleski, Karen Brower, Tim McKinnon, Zak Smit, Eric Alberda

Absent -  Sandy Morris (no 2nd Village representative at this time)

Approval of Agenda - Motion to approve the agenda with the addition of “Bank signers” under new business was made by McKinnon supported by Coon. All ayes.

Approval of Minutes - Motion by McKinnon supported by Coon to approve the minutes as presented. All ayes.

Treasurer’s and Financial Reports -

Bills - see folder

4th Quarter Budget Review

Motion by Alberda supported by Brower to accept the treasurer’s and financial reports as presented. All ayes.

Motion by Brower supported by McKinnon to accept the 2019 budget review and adjustments. All ayes.

Correspondence - Director Hoekstra gave the board correspondence including information on a $250 donation an anonymous donor gave the library.

Public Comment - None.

Director’s Report  - See Pages 

Programs –  

Statistics -  

Meetings, workshops, etc - 

Building Items - 

Library Closings – 

Volunteers -  

Lakeland, State other library news - 

Old Business -- 

  1. Strategic Planning Committee (new member with Mimi’s resignation)

New Business – 

Motion by Smit supported by McKinnon to add Brower to the strategic planning committee along with Coon. All ayes.

  1. Policy Updates
      1. Job Descriptions provided to the board for review. Discussion at the February meeting.
  1. Audit Engagement Letter

Motion by Alberda supported by McKinnon to allow Hoekstra and Coon to sign the audit engagement letter.

  1. Ancestry Subscription

  1. New Bank Signers

Motion by Smit supported by Alberda to add Barbara Wrobleski as a bank signer and remove Eric Alberda and add Zachary Smit as secretary. 

Public Comment-  None

Adjournment  - Motion by Worbleski supported by Coon to adjourn at 7:45pm. All ayes.

Next Meeting Tuesday, February 11 at 7pm