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Hopkins District Library

February 11 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

February 11 at 7:00pm 

Call to Order - Called to order at 7:00

Roll Call - Present -  Zak Smit, Barb Wrobleski, Morgan Coon, Sandy Morris, Karen Brower, Serena Palowski, Elyshia Hoeksta, Eric Alberda 7:01

New member - Serena Pawloski

Absent -  Tim Mckinnon 

Approval of Agenda - Motion made by Sandy to approve the agenda with the amendment of adding the date to the next meeting, March 17th, 2020. Seconded by Zak. All ayes 

Approval of Minutes - Motion made by Eric to approve the annual meeting and the regular meeting. Karen seconded. All ayes. 

Treasurer’s Report - Motion for approval made by Zak, and Karen seconded. All ayes. 

Financial Reports - 

  1. Bills - 
  2. Reports - 

Correspondence - FOIA Request - Open the Books project by American Transparency 

Public Comment - 

Director’s Report  - See Pages (   )

Programs –  

Statistics -  

Meetings, workshops, etc - 

Building Items - 

Library Closings – 

Volunteers -  

Lakeland, State other library news - 

Old Business -- 

  1. Strategic planning update
    1. Garden update - Bob Larr, motion made by Eric, Eric will meet with the dda to get the project financed, and if the dda approves the financing then we will move forward with the project. Seconded by Sandy.
  2. Job descriptions- Library cleaner, Motion made by Karen to add the cleaner job description to the policy manual. Seconded by Barb. 
  3. Ancestry update- 

New Business – 

  1. Updating exit signs
  2. New director computer- Motion made by Karen for Elyshia to look into purchasing a new computer, with an $800 price maximum. Seconded by Barb. All ayes. 
  3. Director evaluation
  4. New kids computer

Public Comment-  

Adjournment  - Motion made by Karen to adjourn at 8:39, seconded by Barb. all ayes. 

Next Meeting Tuesday March 17, at 7pm