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Hopkins District Library

Annual Meeting Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Annual Meeting Minutes

January 14 at 7:00pm 

Call to Order - Coon called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Roll Call - Present - Coon, Alberda, Brower, Wrobleski, McKinnon, Smit

Absent -  Morris, Gabriel

Approval of Agenda - McKinnon motioned to approve the agenda as presented. Brower supported, all ayes.

New Business – 

  1. Mimi’s Resignation - Motion was made by Brower, supported by Wrobleski to accept the resignation. All ayes.
  2. Appointment of Officers
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer

Motion by Alberda supported by McKinnon to appoint Coon as president, Brower as vice president, Smit as secretary, and Wrobleski as treasurer. All ayes. 

  1. 2020 Meeting Dates

January 14                   February 11                March (17)               April 14

May 12                         June 9                         July 14                       August 11

September 8             October 13                  November 10            December 8

Motion by Alberda to approve the 2020 meeting dates supported by Smit. All Ayes.

Public Comment-  None

Adjournment  - Motion by Alberda supported by McKinnon to adjourn at 7:09pm. All ayes.

Next Meeting Tuesday, February 11 at 7pm