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Hopkins District Library

May 14 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2019 at 7pm

Call to Order -  Karon Dunifin @7pm

Roll Call - Present -  Karon Dunifin, Mimi Gabriel, Barb Wrobleski, Amy Germain, Elyshia Hoekstra, Zak Smit, Morgan Coon @7:05 pm and Eric Alberda @ 7:05 pm

Absent - Sandy Morris

Approval of Agenda -  Mimi made motion to approve agenda with corrected date of May 14, 2019. Barb seconded. All ayes.

Approval of Minutes -  Karon made motion to accept minutes, Mimi seconded. All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report - Eric made motion to approve correcting balance. and Barb made motion to second. All ayes.

Financial Reports - see attached and new business

Correspondence - none

Public Comment - none

Director’s Report  - See Pages (   )

Programs –  Summer reading is coming up., June 10 to August 7. The Summer newsletter is out. This went to elementary and AAESA preschool teacher.

Statistics -   down with magazine circulations from last month. Up in everything else.

Meetings, workshops, etc -  may 9 Lakeland Library board meeting and Advisory Council meeting. Looking at programs to better train staff.

Building Items -  can not connect with tile guy. Has been over two months trying to get ahold of him. Also not able to get ahold of shelving person. We are working with Deb at Boniface to service air conditioning units. Sprinkler systems will be here this month to dewinterize.

Budget Items-  Auditors made suggestions how we deal with books this year and last. New staff Stephanie Clement local to Hopkins has started cleaning position.

Larinda Miller has been sent to beginners workshop May 15 to 17. 3 day workshop she will earn level 4 certification.

Library Closings – Memorial weekend (May 25-27)

Volunteers -  Megan still helping but not as much as her program has lessened hours.

Lakeland, State other library news -

Old Business --

  1. Director Health Insurance -  Fact sheet included in our meeting packet. Take home read it and it will be discussed next month at private closed session after regular business meeting. Auditor will also be at next meeting.  
  2. Strategic Planning -- building updates- we need to walk through and around the building. We need to figure out where to go for rest of year.  We need to look ahead for computer and computer desk for Elyshia. Also budget needs to be looked at as July will be half way for the year. Elyshia will contact tile person and give him to June 11 to make a decision if he will do flooring or not. We are going to start looking into prices for storage sheds.  

New Business –

  1. Director Contract - Elyshia has a contract with Dorr. Dorr went through their lawyer. We have never had a contract but more industries are doing this. Hopkins board would like to look at Dorr’s contract possibly write our own and bring before a lawyer.
  2. Auditor suggestions for external controls- The board needs to be checking what Elyshia does with quickbooks possibly another person signing checks not just Elyshia. This would need to be submitted to bank. Or Elyshia can present reconciliation report each month and have two board members sign off on it each month. Meet with Teresa the auditor she will make suggestions with what needs to be done with our quickbooks. Eric Alberda made motion to hire Teresa with the auditing firm to make suggestions on what needs to be done with our quickbooks. Barb seconded all ayes.

Public Comment-  

Adjournment  - Barb made motion to Adjourn. Eric seconded all ayes.

Next Meeting Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 7pm