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Hopkins District Library

Dec 10 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

December 10 at 7:00pm 

Call to Order - Called to order by Morgan, at 7:00pm

Roll Call - New Member - Tim McKinnon

Present -  Morgan Coon, Barb Worbleski, Karen Brower, Tim McKinnon, Zak Smit, and Sandy Morris, Eric Alberda-7:02. 

Absent -   Mimi Gabriel

Approval of Agenda - Motion made by Barb to approve the agenda and seconded by Karen. 

Approval of Minutes - Motion made by Sandy to approve the minutes and that was seconded by Eric.

Treasurer’s Report - Motion made by Karen to accept the treasurer's report and seconded by Zak. 

Financial Reports - 

  1. Bills - 
  2. Reports - 

Correspondence - 

Public Comment - 

Director’s Report  - See Pages (   )

Programs –  

Statistics -  

Meetings, workshops, etc - 

Building Items - 

Library Closings – 

Volunteers -  

Lakeland, State other library news - 

Old Business -- Motion made by Eric to appoint Mimi and Morgan to be the strategic planning committee. 

  1. Committee Election
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Job Description- motion made by Morgan to review the job descriptions in January and will elect in February. Seconded by Karen. 

New Business – 

  1. Policy Updates

Public Comment-  

Adjournment  - Motion made by Eric to adjourn. Seconded by Barb. meeting ended at 7:24. 

Next Meeting Tuesday, January 14 at 7pm