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Hopkins District Library

Aug 13 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2019 at 7:00pm 

Call to Order -  Karon Dunifin @7:01 pm

Roll Call - Present -  Mimi Gabriel, Karon Dunifn, Morgan Coon, Barb Wrobleski, Elyshia Hoekstra, Sandy Morris, Eric Alberda arriving late at 7:18 pm

Absent -  Zak Smit

Approval of Agenda -  

Approval of Minutes (June)  - Exclude closed session minutes Sandy Morris made motion to pass  minutes without closed closed session and Morgan Coon seconded. All Ayes Morgan Coon made motion to approve closed session and seconded by Sandy Morris. All ayes.

Approval of Agenda (July) - Truth-in-taxation. Motion made by Sandy Morris and seconded by Mimi Gabriel. All ayes

Approval of Minutes (July) - Regular meeting motion made by Mimi Gabriel and seconded by Morgan Coon. All ayes. 

Treasurer’s Report - July bills (see binder)-  Sandy suggested adding a list at the beginning of binder with each month's bills and amounts.  Sandy Morris made the motion to accept the Treasurer's report and Financial report  and Mimi Gabriel seconded. all ayes.

Financial Reports - see attached 

Correspondence - See new business

Public Comment - 

Director’s Report  -  See Pages (        )

Programs –  Summer reading done August 10. 96 out of 164 who signed up for summer reading. 28 attended the partyThank you cards are being sent to all who donated gifts. 

Statistics -   included on page 22 of meeting minutes.

Meetings, workshops, etc -  Lakeland Board meeting August 8 and Plond Workshop in Aug.

Building Items - our water tested positive for bacteria. Bottled water is available for drinking. Bleach is being poured through water on Aug 8.  We need to address handicap accessible door. 

Library Closings – Aug 31 and September 2.

Volunteers -  

Lakeland, State other library news - 

Old Business -- 

  1. Committee Reports
    1. Director Contract -- Presented by Morgan Coon. This will be sent to lawyers office to finalize.  Motion made Karon Dunifin to send revised Library Director Employment Agreement and seconded by Mimi Gabriel. All ayes. 
    2. Health Insurance -- Tabled due to Dorr Library
    3. Strategic Planning -- 
    4. Building Updates
      1. Tile - waiting on Steve 
      2. Backroom Shelving - looking into cost of this will bring back at next meeting
      3. Sofa Fixed - centered leg on sofa
  1. Job Descriptions --  Tabled - will have committee look over them first and bring back to the board.  Made Motion to  have Amy Germain and Sandy Morris to be the committee by Eric Alberda and seconded by Morgan Coon. All ayes.

New Business – 

  1. Safe Deposit Lease --  needs to be updated still has old directors information on it.  
  2. Building Updates 
    1. Hand Dryer --  will look into the cost of electric hand dryer, also will look into paper towels and dispenser. Pricing will be brought back to the next meeting. 
    2. Shutters painted - Thank you Morgan Coon
    3. Handicap accessible door - look into signage for handicap parking and entrance, will call Steve to look at our doors, and entrance. 

  1. Library Board Email - was not a way to get ahold of the board. A library board email has been created. It has been put on our website and on facebook.
  2. Patron complaint against Larinda - Morgan Coon address Larinda and Board. It was discussed this was a learning experience for all. It was not addressed in proper format with our policy. It will be considered a warning. Elyshia will contact Little Vikes Daycare for a resolve. A follow up call will be made by Morgan Coon as well. 
  3. Patron complaint against director (Closed Session) --  Morgan Made a Motion to go to closed session and seconded by Eric Alberda at 8:19 pm. Eric Alberda made motion to close session and seconded by Morgan Coon. All ayes. 
  4. Re enter regular meeting Motion made by Eric Alberda and seconded by Barb. All ayes. 
  5. Eric Alberda and Morgan Coon will review Complaints Concerning Library Staff Policy to make sure it is up to date.

Public Comment-  

Adjournment  - Sandy Morris made a motion  to Adjourn and seconded by Morgan Coon.

Next Meeting Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 7pm