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Hopkins District Library

Oct 9 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Regular Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018, 7pm

Call to Order -  By Karon Dunifin at 7:20pm

Roll Call - Present - Zak Smit, Karon Dunifin, Eric Alberda, Amy Germain, Barb Wrobleski and Elyshia Shafer

   Absent - Mimi Gabriel, Sandy Morris, and Morgan Coon

Approval of Agenda - Motion made by  Eric Alberda seconded by Barb Wrobleski. All Ayes.

Approval of Minutes -  Minutes of Taxation meeting motion by Karon Dunifin seconded by Amy Germain. All ayes. Minutes of regular meeting - motion made by Karon Dunifin and seconded by Zak Smit. All ayes.

Treasurer’s Report -  Motion made by Eric Alberda and seconded by Karon Dunifin. All ayes.

Correspondence -  Donation made in memory of Mary Dozeman - $75.00 donation made thus far. Mary’s favorite books are being collected and donated. We will place a sticker in the books for her.

Public Comment - none

Director’s Report  - Elyshia

Programs –  going well, lots of request for new ones up to 14 names on wait list for some classes. A good mix of people. New community members attending classes. Quilt club gained some new members from Otsego.

Statistics -  see attached- ancestry usage dropped.

Meetings, workshops, etc - Allegan County Library Association - Oct 4; Lakeland Meetings - Oct 11

Building Items -

Budget Items -  3rd quarter update; adjustments - vacation time and bonuses were left out a $4,000.00 increase. $300.00 was needed for a database. We would like to budget money for Nicole to do some monthly reading programs.  Sandy Stearns raised her price. Motion made by Eric Alberda to approve $500.00 to $1200.00 periodicals adjustment. Seconded by Karon. All ayes

Library Closings – Labor Day Weekend Sept. 1-3. Close

Volunteers - Megan still volunteering

Lakeland, State other library news - New MeL databases and logo

Old Business -- (see new business)

New Business –

  1. Budget 2019 - $3000.00 added for an emergency fund. Will be giving $75.00 cushion to building ins. This went up last year. Adjusting bookkeeping as Sandy Stearns prices are going up.

  1. Strategic Planning -

Public Comment- none

Adjournment  - Motion made by Eric Alberda and seconded by Barb Wrobleski @ 8:23pm

Next Meeting Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7pm