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Hopkins District Library

Nov 13 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Regular Board Meeting Agenda

November 13, 2018, 7pm

Call to Order -  Karon Duniin @ 7:00 pm

Roll Call - Present - Karon Dunifin, Amy Germain, Elyshia Shafer, Barb Wrobleski, Mimi Gabriel, Zak Smit, Morgan Coon, Sandy Morris

   Absent - Eric Alberda

Approval of Agenda - Motion made to approve agenda by Morgan Coon and seconded by Mimi Gabriel. All Ayes

Approval of Minutes -  amend Sandy Morris was absent at 10/9 meeting. Motion made to approve minutes by Zak Smit and seconded by Mimi Gabriel. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report -  Sandy Morris made motion to update General ledger and Treasures report and be brought to next month's meeting. Seconded by Karon Dunifin. All ayes

Correspondence -  More donations in Mary Dozeman-Brights name $175.00. Facebook Thank you to be made.

Public Comment -

Director’s Report  - Elyshia

Programs –  New newsletter (Dec-Feb) out by end of week. Letters to Santa will open end of November this is for Hopkins Elementary.

Statistics -  see attached- Ancestry is back up.

Meetings, workshops, etc - OverDrive Meeting (Nov 1), Lakeland Library Cooperative Board meeting and Advisory Council meeting (Nov. 8)

Building Items -  we got shelving from Allegan Public Library. They will be ready for pick up 11/14/18. It will go in teen section and junior section. Looking to add Legos to kids area. Lights out and quoted by Buist electric 80.00 an hour for labor.

Budget Items - See old/new business

Library Closings – Thanksgiving Day and weekend (Nov. 22-24)

Volunteers -

Lakeland, State other library news - Partnership with MCLS (Ebooks) pilot program

Old Business --

  1. Strategic Planning -
    1. Bathroom quote - Eric Estelle of Full Circle plumbing - See attachment. It was decided to move $1075.00 from savings to checking. Motion made by Mimi and seconded by Morgan. All Ayes. Elyshia will contact Eric Estelle.
    2. Furniture -ordering chairs, replacing sofa, loveseat and chairs. Country House Furniture will deliver and take old. They will also offer discount. Will check out American Freight and Talsma.
  2. Budget 2019 - $4000.00 more then 2018 to be used for building maintenance and updates, database and to include employee bonuses. Motion made to approve 2019 budget of 114, 820.00 Mimi and seconded by Karon. All Ayes.

New Business –

  1. Air Duct Quotes -
    1. Stanley Steemer - $830.00
    2. Modernistic - $725.00- Motion made to hire Modernistic by Karon. Seconded by Zak Smit. All Ayes.
  2. Accounting Services -
    1. Sandy - $200/month ($2400/year) - use until end of year.
    2. Tibbitts - cannot take more clients at this time
    3. Quickbooks Online - $325-650/year- Motion made to switch to Quickbooks online 1/1/2019 by Karon seconded by Mimi. All Ayes.
  3. 2019 Closing Schedule - see attached.

Public Comment- none

Adjournment  - Motion made by Karon and seconded by Zak. All ayes.

Next Meeting Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 7pm