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Hopkins District Library

February 13 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Regular Board Meeting

February 13, 2018 at 7pm

Call to Order -  Karon Dunifin @ 7:10

Roll Call - Present - Eric Alberda, Tom Bailey, Morgan Coon, Karon Dunifin, Amy Germain,    Sandy Morris, Mimi Gabriel, Elyshia Schafer

   Absent -  Barb Wrobleski

Approval of Agenda -  Morgan made motion,seconded by Amy. All Ayes

Approval of Minutes -  Eric made motion,Tom seconded. All Ayes

Treasurer’s Report -  Do not have Sandy’s report  due to some Auditor request not received. Sandy will be checking into this. General ledger- budget and income available and gone over. Mimi made motion, Morgan seconded. All Ayes

Correspondence -  none

Public Comment - none

Director’s Report  -

Programs –  Going well some drop do to sickness and weather.

Statistics -  See attached  

Meetings, workshops, etc Lakeland Board and Advisory Council Meeting Feb 8th, Millage workshop Wed. Feb. 28th

Building Items -  

Budget Items -  

Library Closings – Closed 2/8 due to weather.

Volunteers - n/a

Lakeland, State other library news - New Lakeland Library Director started February 1st. Planning on coming to each library. We will be notified if we want to meet her.

Patron comments and suggestions – A new jar set up for suggestions.

Other - n/a

Old Business -

  1. Rezoning Update -   Elyshia filled out paperwork. Mary Howard accepted paperwork. Hearing in April. Penasee Globe already asking for comments.

  2. Mural Contest -  Contestant got back with us with estimate of $200.00 to $250.00 in paint cost. The funds would come out of building maintenance money. Leftover monies from last year. Karon made motion to do mural as long as it stays under $200.00. Morgan seconded. All Ayes

New Business –

  1. Copier Quotes (2018) - 3 quotes came in. Precision, AB Dick, Applied Imaging. Elyshia to ask a representative from copy companies to come to next meeting and explain services.

  2. Strategic Planning - to include the whole board now.

    1. Chairs - Morgan will write some letters for donations, Sandy and Morgan will ask some family members for possible discounts.  

    2. Other related items - work on getting estimates for duct cleaning. Morgan will check with Home Depot for some discounted sinks, faucets, toilets.

Public Comment

Adjournment  - Mimi motioned, Eric seconded. All Ayes

Next Meeting Tuesday, March 13, 2018