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Hopkins District Library

July 11 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting

July 11, 2017


Call to Order - Karon Dunifin, President at 7:00 p.m.


Roll Call Present - Morgan Coon, Karen Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Mimi Gabriel,

Amy Germain, Sandy Morris, and Elyshia Schafer


Absent - Traci Rhoades and Barb Wrobleski


Approval of Agenda - Mimi made a motion to accept and Morgan seconded.  All ayes.


Approval of Minutes - Sandy made a motion and Mimi seconded.  All ayes


Treasurer’s Report - Karen made a motion and Lynn seconded.  All ayes.


Correspondence -

Hopkins DDA watering of bridge flowers.  We are signed up for July 23-29 and Lynn has volunteered to accept the challenge.


Barb Bennett has requested to display her material for the Barn Quilt trail.  This was favorably received.


Public Comment - none


Director’s Report -


Programs -  Summer Reading program has started and runs through July 22.  This is open to everyone.


Publicity - We are up to 669 likes on Facebook, our advertising is still running at the Regent Theater, and working on the Aug-October newsletter


Meetings and workshops - Lakeland Library Coop, ALA recap.  Elyshia is going to survey her staff on the workshop and the public on new classes they would like at the library.


Building Issues - Another paint quote was received.  The  United Way was contacted regarding doing the interior painting.  October 5th is when they give out the paperwork to apply for the service.  It was decided to hold off and wait and apply to the United Way.  Morgan made a motion and Amy seconded the motion.  All ayes.


Budget Issues - Lynn made a motion to approve the July budget amendments and Mimi seconded the motion.  All ayes.


Library Closings -  Only the 4th of July.


Volunteers -


Lakeland, State other library news - The Lakeland Director will be retiring the end of August.  This may result in some changes.


Patron Comments and suggestions -


Other - Geri is retiring and July 29th will be has last day.  She will be honored her last week with cake.


Old Business -


New Business -  Elyshia suggested that we need to create an accurate job description for the library clerks position.   It was also mentioned that minimum wage is now $8.90. She will rewrite a job description and present it at the August meeting.


Committee Reports - The Strategic Plan Committee met today.  Mimi put together a history of the Hopkins library.  The Hopkins Ladies Literary Guild was formed in the 1800’s. In 1965 the first public library was located on the corner of Main Street and Cherry Street.  In 1979 our new library was built with the township and an addition was put on in 1990.  We became a District Library in 2014.  The committee agreed that we are all running out of room.  Sandy will talk to Mark and get both boards together to move forward.

Public Comment - none


Adjournment - Mimi made a motion to adjourn and Morgan seconded the motion at 7:47 p.m.


Next meeting August 8, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.