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Hopkins District Library

October 1 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2013

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis,  Anita Kerber, David Klink, Barbara Wrobleski

Absent: Mimi Gabriel, Chris Navis

Attendees: David Young, Bob Modreske, Laura Modreske, Bruce Modreske, Sue Seabright, Sherri Kuyt, Chuck Wamhoff

1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Roll Call.

3.      Approval of Agenda


4.      New Business

·         New Township/Library rental document.

o Reviewed new township agreement as presented on website.

o Made several adjustments to agreement.

o Read agreement for benefit of attendees.

o Received proposed Library/Township agreement as presented by Township.

1.      Very similar to old agreement, very subjective and cumbersome for billing.

2.      New agreement is more regulated, without fluctuations month to month.

3.      Monthly amount based on past year’s expense.

o Annual review is common in most rental agreements.

o Board voted unanimously to accept document as amended.

5.      Township comment

·         Bob Modreske: Stated that the rental agreement assumes no financial stake in property – why would township want to pay rent on space they helped finance? – township will never agree to a rental agreement.

·         Chuck Wamhoff: Stated that the township has paid every bill submitted to them.  Board replied that in the past, bills were not submitted regularly, but that doesn’t change the fact that the amounts are still valid.

·         Bob Modreske: Commented that there is nothing in the rental document that regulates the amount that can be charged in subsequent years, it provides no protection from the rental amount being raised unfairly.

6.      Public comment

·         Sue Sebright: originally, library needed more space, but didn’t have the money, township agreed to build addition for library in exchange for use of office and meeting space.  Appreciation for that original intent seems to have been lost.  Anita replied that the problem is that the original intent on the township’s part has not been followed.

·         Comments from attendees expressed dislike for the use of the term “rental” and what it implies.

·         David Young commented that registered letters seem to be the only form of communication, which is a hostile form of communicating, personal communication is needed.

·         David Young asked what the current outstanding amount due from township is.  Board replied that after the most recent payment of $3,448.95, the remaining balance due is $893.52.

·         Bruce Modreske expressed frustration that the original amount billed, according to the newspaper, of approximately $245,000, has been reduced now to $893.52.

·         David Young asked the township board, why for such an important issue as this, more Township board members and especially the Township Supervisor was not in attendance.

·         It was suggested that both Boards form a sub-committee to resolve usage agreement.

7.      Old Business

·         Previous Township/Library agreement.

o Discussed forming a sub-committee, as suggested, consisting of two people from each board, to write up an agreeable usage agreement.  Lynn and Dave agreed to represent Library Board.

o Other discussion and comments were covered in previous section.

8.      Township comment

·         No additional comments.

9.      Public comment

·         No additional comments.

10.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Klink