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Hopkins District Library

March 12 Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2013

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis, Barbara Wrobleski

Absent: Mimi Gabriel

1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Guest presenter

Heard from Theresa from Allegan County Community Foundation about the upcoming Arts Alive competition.

·         Promotes the arts in Allegan County.

·         100% of money donated goes to library.

·         May 8 – marketing material available.

·         July 1 – Sep 2 – voting timeframe.

·         Oct 19 – ArtsAlive! Bash to see the impact that support has on the arts.

·         Promote by handing out bookmarks and fliers at summer sports games.

3.      Roll Call.

4.      Approval of Agenda


5.      Approval of Minutes


6.      Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed report. 

Report approved as written.

7.      Correspondence


8.      Public Comment


9.      Director’s Report

·         Programs

o   Sticks & Strings group meeting 3rd Monday of the month.

o   Book club meeting regularly.

o   Coups for Troops (coupon clippers) meeting regularly.

o   Fly tying March 16 & 23.

o   Sewing basics cancelled.

o   Needle felting March 18.

o   Preschool group – superhero theme.

o   Mother’s Day Kid Camp sponsored by the girl scouts on May 11 during garage sales.

·         Publicity

o   Up to 92 “likes” on Facebook.

o   Globe articles.

o   School newsletter.

o   Posters around town.

o   Thank-you cards sent to “Flowers in February” sponsors.

·         Meetings, workshops, etc.

o   Advisory Council Meeting (LLC).

o   Township meetings.

o   PPS meeting.

o   QSAC meeting.

o   ALA 2013annual  meeting.

o   Big Talk from Small Libraries webinar.

o   Group A&B library’s meeting

·         Building Issues

o   Broken door ordered.

o   Electricity upgrade approved.

o   Sign half paid for – will be installed after electric is run during warmer weather.

·         Budget Issues

o   None.

·         Library Closings

o   None.

·         Volunteers

o   22 people have signed up for the Friends of the Library group.

o   Donations of books still arriving.

o   Summer reading programs sponsored by five different businesses.

·         Lakeland, State, other library news

o   none.

·         Patron comments and suggestions

o   Book suggestions.

o   Looking for program ideas (guy programs).

·         Other

o   Sent out 30 boxes to Better World Books.

o   Planning for purchase of technology and other improvements with grant money.  Approximately $700/yr. for internet, $4,000 for set-up of filtering/firewall/activity log software.  One more source being checked by Suzanne.

o   SRC planned and have received donations, but need volunteers.

o   Discussed “expansion” plans.

§  Mark Evans, Hopkins Township Supervisor presented a proposal to build an addition between the Township building and the library, to be paid for by the Township.

§  Township is in need of more space.  Currently, Trustee’s offices are in their homes, there is no room for records, polling area is too small.

§  Mary Howard & Steve Stearns, representatives of Hopkins Village board were present and informed board that the Village has purchased the old CD’s building and will renovate it with the intent of possibly moving the village offices and police department there.  If that happened, they would vacate the Township building.  The decision will be made in the next 3-5 years.

§  Parking is and has always been an issue for all three organizations.

§  Meeting scheduled for committee represented by Village, Township, Library and DDA scheduled for April 17 to help determine long term planning.

§  Suzanne recommended that the board take some time to discuss Mark’s request and determine what we see as future needs for the library before a decision is made.

10.  Old Business


11.  New Business

·         Library edition of membership is $1,004.18/yr. and is limited to use only at the library.  A grant may be available next year.  Issue will be revisited next year. 

·         Processing credit cards at the library would cost approximately $40/month for equipment rental, plus 2% of each transaction.  Not enough need to justify the expense.  Idea was rejected.

·         Natalie has applied for five new grants.

12.  Public comment


13.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Klink