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Hopkins District Library

February 12th Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Mimi Gabriel, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis

Absent: Barbara Wrobleski

1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Roll Call.

3.      Approval of Agenda


4.      Approval of Minutes


5.      Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed report. 

Report approved as written.

6.      Correspondence

Lots of Facebook activity.

7.      Public Comment


8.      Director’s Report

·         Programs

o   Sticks & Strings group meeting 3rd Monday of the month.

o   Book club meeting regularly.

o   Coups for Troops (coupon clippers) meeting regularly.

o   Flowers in February (75 kids signed up).

o   Winter reading club “Bingo” began Jan. 26.

o   Valentine’s day candy creations.

o   Fly tying - all slots filled.

o   Sewing basics in March.

o   Book making class.

o   Basket weaving Feb. 23.

·         Publicity

o   Up to 82 “likes” on Facebook.

o   Globe stories.

o   School newsletter.

o   Posters around town.

·         Meetings, workshops, etc.

o   Advisory Council Meeting (LLC).

o   Township meetings.

o   PPS meeting.

o   QSAC meeting.

o   ALA 2013 meeting.

o   Plinkit show & tell webinar.

o   Big Talk from Small Libraries webinar.

·         Building Issues

o   Broken door.

·         Budget Issues

o   None.

·         Library Closings

o   None.

·         Volunteers

o   22 people have signed up for the Friends of the Library group. Next meeting March 11.

o   Donations of books still arriving.

·         Lakeland, State, other library news

o   none.

·         Patron comments and suggestions

o   Book suggestions.

o   Looking for program ideas (guy programs).

·         Other

o   Sent out 20 boxes to Better World Books.

o   Planning for purchase of technology and other improvements with grant money.

o   SRC planned and have received donations.

o   Won additional grant for conference attendance – ALA in June/July, PLA in March/April 2014.

o   Discussed “expansion” plans.

o   Discussed pursuing NRA grant for funding of self-defense classes/hunter safety classes.

9.      Old Business


10.  New Business

·         Voted unanimously to retain current Auditor at Walker, Fluke & Sheldon for next 3 years at $2100 for first two years and $2000 for third year.

·         Voted unanimously to approve sign purchase and electrical bid consisting of:

o Lighted sign, reconditioned and installed for $5,000.

o Wiring of sign, not to exceed $800.

o Upgrading current fluorescent lighting, not to exceed $2990.

o Replacing “Exit” signs with LED signs, not to exceed $385.

o Old sign will be kept and moved possibly to the back door.

o Upgraded lighting will qualify library for $840 rebate from Consumers Energy.

·         Voted unanimously to approve purchase of new back door, approximately $200, to be purchased by Natalie and reimbursed to her.

11.  Public comment

Special election for Hopkins Public Schools millage renewal being held February 26, please vote.

12.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 12th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Klink