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Hopkins District Library

September 11th Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2012

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis

Absent: Natalie Bazan, Mimi Gabriel, Barbara Wrobleski

1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Board Comments on 2013 Budget.

All expense items for 2013 budget are the same or higher than 2012, except for legal fees.

All revenue items for 2013 budget are the same or lower than 2012, except for USF funds and property taxes.

Discussed wages and raises for staff.

3.      New Business.

Anita moved to accept the 2013 budget as written, Lynn seconded

            Budget resolution was voted on and accepted.

4.      Public Comments.


5.      Close Budget Hearing

Budget hearing was closed at 7:30.

6.      Monthly Library Board Meeting Call to Order.

7.      Roll Call.

8.      Approval of Agenda


9.      Approval of Minutes


10.  Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed report. 

Report approved as written.

11.  Correspondence

Received thank-you note for library services.

12.  Public Comment


13.  Director’s Report

·         Programs

o   Sticks & Strings group meeting 3rd Monday of the month.

o   Book club meeting regularly.

o   Coups for Troops (coupon clippers) meeting regularly.

o   Game night 1st Monday of every month.

o   Arts Alive – voting began June 1st, will continue until September 14.  Votes are $1 each.  We have 256 votes.

o   Makers Camp ended this month.

o   Financial Literacy (loans, credit, budgeting & Excel).

o   Garden art & leaf casting (free to district, $10 to others).

o   National Organ Donor Registry

o   Jewelry making (free to district, $5 to others).

o   Halloween candy check, story, cookies & cider.  Question raised over whether candy check was still being done at firebarn as in previous years.

o   Christmas ornament extravaganza (inviting school classes, open to community in evening) – painted plaster ornaments and cookie cutter felted ornaments.

o   Glass fused suncatchers part 2 (free for ages 10-18 in our district, $15 to others).

o   Cookie swap and Winter Bazaar Dec. 15th (looking for crafters, bakers & sellers).

·         Publicity

o   Up to 63 “likes” on Facebook.

o   Tables at elementary, middle school & high school.

o   Information and list of upcoming events.

o   Globe stories.

·         Meetings, workshops, etc.

o   Advisory Council Meeting (LLC) Sep. 6th.

·         Building Issues

o   Broken door.

·         Budget Issues

o   None.

·         Library Closings

o   None.

·         Volunteers

o   21 people have signed up for the Friends of the Library group.  Next meeting Oct. 8th..

o   Donations of books still arriving.

o   Donations of wool roving for felting events received from Suzanne Pufpaff of Hastings.

o   Bead donations received from Michelle Lancaster (Friends group member).

·         Lakeland, State, other library news

o   Listed under new business.

·         Patron comments and suggestions

o   Book suggestions.

o   Form was made for teachers to suggest books that would be useful or interesting to their students. 

o   Offer has been made to issue free card to non-resident teachers to encourage use of library.

o   Request for more programs involving Preschool/Kindergarten children.

·         Other

o   Casino provided funds for programs.

o   Applying for other grants.

o   Circulation up.

o   Friends group planning for holiday tree/wreath decoration.

o   Advertising is up for events. Making samples prior to events.

o   Natalie is presenter at Michigan Library Association Annual Conference in November.

o   Idea for next year – free community veggie stand in front of the library. People with extra veggies, fruit, flowers, etc. can leave it there for others. Church on 142nd  & 2nd does this and has great reaction. Need to find a builder, maybe an Eagle scout or boy scout project.  Discussed possible conflict with Greg Brown selling veggies in park on Wednesday & Saturday.  Discussed other possible issues of kids taking produce to throw, and need for someone to clean out cart at night to avoid wildlife visits.

o   Agreed to list library board members on the website under the “board” link

14.  Old Business


15.  New Business

·         Director’s evaluation forms due today.  Suzanne will compile and board will present at October meeting.

·         Lakeland proposed modifications to the Plan of Service.

o Reviewed modifications. 

o Dave moved that proposed modifications be accepted as written, Chris seconded.  Motion was approved.

·         Rick Butler requested that form L-4029 be re-signed and re-submitted after the approval of the millage.

o Anita moved that form L-4029 be re-signed, Suzanne seconded.  Motion was carried.

·         Reviewed Preliminary Strategic Plan for the Hopkins District Library.

·         Reviewed 2012 Millage Report to the County Commissioner.

16.  Public comment


17.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Klink