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Hopkins District Library

October 9th Minutes

Holiday plans, review, and programs... oh, my!

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2012

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Mimi Gabriel, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis, Barbara Wrobleski


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

2.      Roll Call.

3.      Approval of Agenda


4.      Approval of Minutes

Reviewed questions from last meeting:

·         $3000 payment from Monterey was annual payment for library use for 2012.

·         Portion of Hopkins village library millage goes to DDA.

·         Halloween candy check will take place at library instead of township hall, most kids show up at library.

·         Copy machine being leased.

·         Bike rack approved for $1,000 from DDA.

Minutes approved as presented.

5.      Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed report. 

Report approved as written.

6.      Correspondence


7.      Public Comment


8.      Director’s Report

·         Programs

o   Sticks & Strings group meeting 3rd Monday of the month.

o   Book club meeting regularly.

o   Coups for Troops (coupon clippers) meeting regularly.

o   Game night 1st Monday of every month.

o   Financial Literacy (loans, credit, budgeting & Excel), Excel was well attended, will offer again.

o   Garden art & leaf casting (free to district, $10 to others), very good turn-out, will offer again.

o   National Organ Donor Registry

o   Jewelry making (free to district, $5 to others).

o   Halloween candy check, story, cookies & cider. 

o   Christmas ornament extravaganza (inviting school classes, open to community in evening) – painted plaster ornaments and cookie cutter felted ornaments.

o   Glass fused suncatchers part 2 (free for ages 10-18 in our district, $15 to others), all spots filled.

o   Cookie swap and Winter Bazaar Dec. 15th (looking for crafters, bakers & sellers).

o   Upcoming ideas include: basket weaving, cheese making and winter reading club.

·         Publicity

o   Up to 68 “likes” on Facebook.

o   Globe stories.

o   Well known artist will be here Monday, October 15.

o   Quarterly newsletter being published.

o   Applied for State Library Excellence award.

·         Meetings, workshops, etc.

o   Michigan Library Association annual conference Nov 7-9.

o   Advisory Council Meeting (LLC).

o   Allegan Community Library Association meeting in Wayland.

o   Arts Alive dinner on Saturday, October 13.

·         Building Issues

o   Broken door.

o   Mole problem.

·         Budget Issues

o   None.

·         Library Closings

o   None.

·         Volunteers

o   21 people have signed up for the Friends of the Library group.  Met Oct. 8th..

o   Donations of books still arriving.

o   Table at Winter Bazaar.

o   Need volunteers to read for evening Winter Story Time Nov. 21, Nov. 28, Dec. 5 & Dec. 12.

·         Lakeland, State, other library news

o   None.

·         Patron comments and suggestions

o   Book suggestions.

o   Form was made for teachers to suggest books that would be useful or interesting to their students. 

o   Offer has been made to issue free card to non-resident teachers to encourage use of library.

·         Other

o   Received $1,000 Wal-Mart grant.

o   Circulation up.

o   Friends group planning for holiday tree/wreath decoration.

o   Still looking for vendors for the Winter Bazaar.

o   USF funds – internet service estimates coming in less than expected.

o   Reviewed strategic plan.

9.      Old Business


10.  New Business

·         Reviewed library staff evaluations.

o Suzanne made a motion that both Geri & Linda be given $.20 per hour raises, beginning in 2013.  Lynn seconded, board approved.

·         Presented Director’s evaluation.

o Next level for director to obtain (Level 1) requires four years as full time employee.  36 hours per week qualifies as full time.

o Suzanne made a motion that Natalie’s hours be increased from 32 hours per week, to 36 hours per week.  Lynn seconded, board approved.

o Barb made a motion that Natalie be given approximately 3%, or $.50 per hour raise beginning in 2013.  Mimi seconded, board approved.

o Made modifications to evaluation form for next year.

11.  Public comment


12.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 13th at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Klink