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Hopkins District Library

March 13th Minutes

Miss the meeting? See what we have been up to right here! And don't forget that the next meeting is April 10th at 7pm!

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting

March 13th 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Suzanne Antvelink.

Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Linda Burton, Karon Dunifin, Barbara Wrobleski, Anita Kerber, Chris Navis,

 Absent: Mimi Gabriel,  David Klink

Motion by Barb Wrobleski to approve the agenda, second by Chris Navis

Motion to approve minutes of the Feb 14th 2012 meeting  made by Anita Kerber , second by Chris Navis.

Treasurers Report was presented and accepted by Linda Burton and supported by Karen Dunifin.

Motion was made by Chris Navis to take the $28,039.63 time certificate and open a new C D for $20,000.00 for a term to alternate with the existing CDs and deposit the remaining amount into the savings account. Seconded by Anita Kerber.

Discussion: Our budget has a projected short fall and having the additional money in a savings account would be more useful should we need it.  All ayes , motion carried.

No correspondence

No Public comment

Directors Report :

Programs: Attendance is up, we have added a game night for kids, computer classes are filled up, and there is an April Fool’s Day story competition with a due date of March 30th .

Publicity: Stories on the Flowers in February event were in the Globe and the Wayland Townbroadcast.

Library Closings: The library closed early Monday March 12 because of tornado warnings.

Patron Comments: there were more book suggestions

Other : Lakeland will no longer provide internet access after 7/20/2013.

Natalie is looking into other sources. Possible bundle with Charter or AT & T

Circulation increased 91% over last year’s February statistics.

The Libri Foundation books are here and will be out on the shelves March 19th.

 Logo Deadline is May 31st.


Old Business: A motion was made by Linda Burton and supported by Chris Navis to approve the policy manual updates from the February meeting.  All ayes with on abstaining.  Updates were as follows: Public relations policy and Non-resident library card policy additions and Salary policy change.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Minutes submitted by Anita Kerber