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Hopkins District Library

February 14th minutes

Miss the meeting? Forget to write something down you want to tell everyone? Well, check out Dave's new minutes!

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2012



Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Linda Burton, Mimi Gabriel, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis,


Absent: Karon Dunifin, Barbara Wrobleski


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM


2.      Roll Call


3.      Approval of Agenda



4.      Approval of Minutes



5.      Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed and approved as written.

Natalie will add date to her report.


6.      Correspondence



7.      Director’s Report

·         Programs

o   Fiber group meeting 3rd Monday of the month, includes knitting, crocheting, felting.

o   Book club meeting regularly.

o   E-reader class was canceled due to weather.

o class.

o   Resume building class.

o   Valentine card making.

o   Coupon clippers meeting here.

o   Upcoming flowers in February, promoting in schools.

o   April Fools Day contest, possibly display entries in library.


·         Publicity

o   Natalie giving class at Hudsonville library.

o   Advertised Flowers in February at the school.

o   Started a blog with information for other libraries.


·         Meetings, workshops, etc.

o   Signed up for several webinars.

o   Rural library conference upcoming.


·         Volunteers

o   10 people have signed up for the Friends of the Library group.  Meeting planned for either the end of Feb. or mid-March.


·         Lakeland, State, other library news

o   Worry over funding cuts.


·         Patron comments and suggestions

o   More book suggestions, most requests can be filled.

o   Requests for another basic skills computer class.


·         Other

o   Several logos have been submitted and more promised.

o   Several grant applications are completed, more being worked on.

o   Librarian chat up and running.

o   15 boxes of books from Library of Congress, waiting for Franking labels from Fred Upton for delivery.

o   Circulation increased in January 70% over last year.

o   Millage campaign speaker, Shirley Bruursema, from KDL will be here for next meeting at 6 PM.  Original Platt maps of Hopkins were donated to Dorr library.  Request that anyone with good photography skills and equipment take pictures of maps, so they can be displayed in library.  Courthouse in Allegan may also have copies.

o   Library website has been updated.

o   FAQ sheet distributed.

o   Penal fines from Allegan County will be reduced greatly in the future, this will affect library budget.

o   Millage proposal presented to Hopkins Township board.  Consensus was that they would not approve any millage in perpetuity and would rather approve a larger millage for a 10 year term.  Board will discuss with Shirley Bruursema next month.


8.      Old Business



9.      New Business

·         Board authorized Natalie Bazan and Sandy Stearns as designated signers for bank account.


·         Resolution vote

o   If operating millage fails to be approved, District Library will be dissolved and drastic changes implemented.  These changes will include: loss of inter-library loan services, e-book usage and use of other libraries for Monterey, Watson and parts of Allegan Township, reduction of book budget, hours of operation being reduced to 20 hours per week and elimination of current programs and classes held at the library.

o   Resolution discussed and approved by board.


·         Policy updates

o   Reviewed additional updates for policy manual, to be voted on at next month’s meeting.


·         New Monterey Board  representative

o   Karon Dunifin was appointed by Monterey Township as a representative to replace Cindy Krumm.


·         Linda Burton resigned her position as representative from Hopkins Village as of April 15, 2012, due to her scheduled move out of the Village.


10.  Public comment



11.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM


Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th at 6:00 PM




Respectfully submitted,


Dave Klink