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Hopkins District Library

November 15th Minutes

A quick record of what we are doing each meeting!

Hopkins Public Library

Board Meeting, November 15, 2011




Present:  Natalie Bazan, Director; Linda Burton, Hopkins, Mimi Gabriel, Hopkins; Kelly Glascott, Hopkins; Barb Wrobleski, Watson Township; Freida Kraft, Hopkins, Susan Antvelink; Hopkins Township.


The meeting was called to order at 7PM by President, Linda.

Linda read the resolution to establish Hopkins District Library and the Quit Claim Deed, effective January 1, 2012.  It was approved unanimously by all present.  Several documents were signed by Linda and Mimi:  the Library Agreement, Property Transfer Agreement, Bill of Sale and Assignment of Library Contracts.


Minutes:  of October 11, 2011 meeting were accepted as written, motion by Mimi, seconded by Barb.


Treasurers Report:  Accepted as written.  The 2012 budget was distributed.  Millage revenue was discussed and .5 mills vs. .58.   The 2012 budget was put on file, motion by Frieda and seconded by Kelly.


No correspondence or Public comment.


Director’s Report – see attached.  Natalie demonstrated the Library website.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 13th.


First DISTRICT Library meeting:  Tuesday, January 10.


Open House:  Wednesday, January 11, 5:30 – 8 PM


Meeting adjourned, 8:10PM, motion by Kelly, seconded by Frieda