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Hopkins District Library

March 13 Agenda

Not enough members for a quorum. No meeting. However, remaining members did meet with the copier representative from Applied Imaging.

Hopkins District Library Regular Board Meeting

March 13, 2018 at 7pm

Call to Order -  Karon Dunifin @

Roll Call - Present - Eric Alberda, Tom Bailey, Karon Dunifin, Amy Germain,    Sandy Morris, Mimi Gabriel, Barb Wrobleski, Elyshia Schafer

   Absent -  Morgan Coon,

Approval of Agenda -  

Approval of Minutes -

Treasurer’s Report -  

Correspondence -  none

Public Comment -

Director’s Report  -

Programs –  

Statistics -  See attached  

Meetings, workshops, etc Lakeland Board Meeting March 8

Building Items -  Mural Update

Budget Items -  

Library Closings

Volunteers - n/a

Lakeland, State other library news -

Patron comments and suggestions

Other -

Old Business --

  1. Copier meeting recap

  2. Copier presentation by Bert Smith, Applied Imaging

  3. Strategic Planning

New Business –

  1. Lakeland Membership Agreement


Public Comment

Adjournment  -

Next Meeting Tuesday, April 10, 2018