Hopkins District Library

April 10 Agenda

Hopkins District Library Regular Board Meeting

April 10, 2018 at 7pm

Call to Order -  Karon Dunifin @

Roll Call - Present -

   Absent -  

Approval of Agenda -  

Approval of Minutes -

Treasurer’s Report -  

Correspondence -  none

Public Comment -

Director’s Report  -

Programs – Apr-May Newsletter out, programs quite full already, great response

Statistics -  See attached  

Meetings, workshops, etc Library of Congress April 3-April 6, Lakeland Board and Advisory Council Meetings April 12, ILS Strategic Planning Summit April 20, Small and Rural Library Conference April 30-May 2

Building Items - see new business

Budget Items -  1st quarter review

Library Closings – Easter Weekend (March 30 and 31)

Volunteers - Bob Larr (Flower beds)

Lakeland, State other library news - ILS Planning Summit (see above)

Patron comments and suggestions

Other -

Old Business --

  1. Copier meetings recap

  2. Copier proposals and financial review

New Business –

  1. Gutter quote

  2. Strategic Planning

Public Comment

Adjournment  -

Next Meeting Tuesday, May 8, 2018




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