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Hopkins District Library

February 14th Minutes

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting

February 14, 2017

Call to Order - Karon Dunifin, President at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call Present - Natalie Bazen, Morgan Coon, Karen Dunifin, Lynn Francis, Mimi Gabriel, Amy Germain, Sandy Morris, Traci Rhoades and Barb Wrobleski

Absent - none

Approval of Agenda - Traci made a motion to accept and Mimi seconded.

Approval of Minutes - Sandy made a motion and Karon seconded.

Treasurer’s Report - Motion made by Lynn to approve the 2017 treasurer's report and Amy seconded.

Correspondence - none

Public Comment - none

Director’s Report -

Programs -

Publicity - Up to 645 likes on Facebook, planning additional advertising on Facebook, Allegan County Community Foundation quarterly news is out, advertisement is still up at the Regent Theater, January-February newsletter is out,

Meetings, workshops, etc - Advisory and Board Meeting for LLC

Building Issues -

Budget Issues -

Library Closings - weather, holidays

Volunteers - donated books still coming in, program ideas

Lakeland, State other library news - Continuing education.  Each library has been given 2 thousand for staff training.  Our staff will attend the ALA at the end of June and our library will be closed Wednesday - Monday.

Patron comments and suggestions - donations for the library and for the library cat, continued book suggestions and programing suggestions.  

Other - LoC books will be collected the first week of April. ALA annual conference, and the New York Times has been anonymously donated to our library.

Old Business - The township has not be getting their copies of bills.  Natalie will be giving them directly to Sandy at each meeting.

New Business - Computer replacement quote for 8 computers is $4,030.  We do have enough in the budget to cover this expense.  Traci made a motion to purchase the computers and Morgan seconded the motion.  The Library Board will receive training on our duties and expectations at the March meeting.  Natalie is also looking for a newer copier with the ability to scan.  Quotes will be presented at our next meeting.

Public Comment - none

Adjournment - Traci made a motion to adjourn and Barb seconded the motion at 7:52 p.m.

Next meeting March 14, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.