Hopkins District Library

January 30th Special Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from our Special Meeting discussing the upcoming millage.

Hopkins District Library Board Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2012



Present: Suzanne Antvelink, Natalie Bazan, Karon Dunifin, Mimi Gabriel, Anita Kerber, David Klink, Chris Navis


Absent: Linda Burton, Cindy Krumm, Barbara Wrobleski


1.      Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM


2.      Roll Call


3.      Approval of Agenda



4.      Old Business

Natalie was in contact with Ed Stackley from Fred Upton’s office, we can possibly expect 4-5 boxes of surplus books from Library of Congress.


5.      New Business

·         Millage date and rate discussion and vote.

o   Discussed advantages and disadvantages of May versus August Primary election.

§  May potentially has more student voters in favor of library millage.

§  If millage fails, August is still an option.

§  May millage election may be considered sneaky by some voters.

§  Cost for special election in May would be $1300 for Hopkins school district, plus possible additional amounts for Hamilton, Wayland and Martin areas.

§  August election would be free

§  August would allow more time to campaign.

§  Library millage would be at end, on back side of ballot.  30% – 50% of voters don’t flip ballots over.

o   Board voted unanimously to put millage on August ballot.

o   Discussed millage rate

§  Current rate is at .50 mills.

§  Rate has been unchanged for last 20 years.

§  Millage is lowest rate in area.

§  Current taxable home value in area is approximately $50,000 which amounts to $25/year at current millage rate.

§  Millage rate of .60 would only cost taxpayers additional $5/year on average.

§  Additional amount would allow library to expand programs and book selection.

o   Board voted unanimously to request .60 mills in perpetuity on ballot.


6.      Public comment



7.      Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM


Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th at 7:00 PM



Respectfully submitted,


Dave Klink