Hopkins District Library

Local Governments

Want to find out more about your local government? Well, check out these links below!

In the Hopkins District Library Service Area:

Allegan Township: http://www.allegantownship.org/

Hopkins Village: https://sites.google.com/site/villagehopkins/

Hopkins Township: http://www.hopkinstownship.org/

Monterey Township: http://www.montereytownship.net/

Watson Township: http://www.watsontownship.org/

Outside the Hopkins District Library Service Area:

Allegan County: http://www.allegancounty.org/

Heath Township: http://www.heathtownship.net/

Leighton Township: http://www.leightontownship.org/

Salem Township: http://www.salemtownship.org/

Wayland Township: http://www.waytwp.org/

Even farther away:

State of Michigan: http://www.michigan.gov/

Secretary of State's Office: http://www.michigan.gov/sos


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