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How to return e-books/e-audio early

Audiobooks in the MP3 format can be returned early when using the Overdrive app (version 2.4 or newer) on your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Windows mobile device, or the Overdrive Media Console (version 3.2.2 or newer) on your computer. Audiobooks in WMA format cannot be returned early.

To return an MP3 audiobook early from your computer
  • Open the Overdrive Media Console on your computer
  • Select MP3 audiobook you want to return
  • Click Delete (beside the red X)
  • Choose the "Return/Delete" button
To return an audiobook early from your device
  • Open the Overdrive app on your device
  • Locate the item on the your app "Bookshelf"
  • Touch the "plus" sign that appears beside the title that you would like to return and delete
  • Choose the "Return/Delete" button

Most eBooks can be returned before the checkout period expires.
Open EPUB cannot be returned early.

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • In the "Library View," click on the book you want to return
  • Click the triangular button next to the title to open the Item Options window
  • Click on "Return Borrowed Item"

If using the OverDrive app on your handheld device, you can return EPUB eBooks early. When you delete the book, you will see an option for "Return and Delete."

  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Sign in to your account
  • Under "Your Amazon" choose Manage Your Kindle
  • Enter your password again
  • Use the Action menu to the right of the borrowed book you'd like to return
  • Choose "Return this book"