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Have a Nook? Or a Kindle? Or any of the other E-readers out there? Did you know you can rent e-books from the library? Using Overdrive you can download books, renting them for a couple of weeks just like you would from the library ( its just over there... on the right side... toward the bottom of the page... yes, that's it! just click on the picture there). And if you need to renew them and there aren't any holds, you can and keep them even longer! Below you will find links to information on downloading for differnet devices. And don't forget all the other free ebook sites out there (just look at the link below!).
  • Kindle Overdrive Instructions

    Click here to learn how to download an ebook to your Kindle!

  • Download instructions for you ereaders (Nook, Sony...)

    Look at these links to learn how to download free library books to your ereader!

  • Nook video

    Watch this comprehensive video from the Allegany Library System for step by step instructions on how to download free library ebooks from our Overdrive subscription to your Nook!

  • Sony Reader video

    This short video will go through the instructions on how to download an ebook from our Overdrive subscription. However, you should watch the Nook comprehensive video for detailed instructions on downloading the software needed to use Overdrive for the Nook and Sony Reader.

  • Kindle video

    This short video will show you how to download from our Overdrive subscription (on the right) to your Kindle! Enjoy your new ereader and free library books!

  • Free E-book websites

    Know all about Overdrive and our wonderful free e-books but wondering where to find more? Well, look no further! Below is a wonderful resource for you. Free e-book websites! All those books... just waiting for someone to catch them!

  • How to return e-books/e-audio early
  • File PDF document Zinio Setup Instructions

    This instruction sheet tells you how to set up a Zinio account, how to read your magazines on the computer or device, and how manage your Zinio account.